VIVIAN TUNG is a avant-gardist who loves to explore new ways of creating. She believes that experimentation and exploration of new techniques and materials, combined with traditional hand crafting techniques is the key to the success of her designs.

Using her knowledge and skills Vivian creates products to be sustainable and environmentally conscious, at the same time keeping historical hand-making traditions and crafting techniques alive.

After completing her Bachelor of Design at Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Vivian worked for renowned fashion companies Vera Wang, Chanel and Akira further developing her skills in handcraft techniques and fashion production.

She expanded her career as design and production coordinator within major Australian companies and in 2015 she decided to pursue her dream and created the VIVIANTUNG label, while completing her Masters in Design at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Studying at UTS enabled her to further her skills in using new technology and production systems, developing her ideas, to ultimately create a positive change on the textile and fashion industry.

VIVIANTUNG the label’s philosophy is to redefine the concept of beauty, bringing a focus back to the wearer and the individuality of expressing a unique style.

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