Michael Costello, a self taught prodigy, has created a fashion empire on making women feel beautiful.  Fashion was something that came naturally to Michael, starting at the age of two by drawing dresses on walls to opening his first store at fifteen.  Costello officially launched his career on Lifetime’s Project Runway and All Star’s emerging as a finalist in both seasons.

The Michael Costello brand has blossomed into a household name, not only from the exposure on Project Runway, but because his gowns grace every red carpet from the Grammy’s to the Oscars.  His ability to perfectly enhance the natural hour glass figure has gained attention from many prominent clients, including Beyonce, Paris Hilton and the Kardashian’s . Michael Costello has been featured the cover of NY Times magazine and in numerous fashion publications such as Elle and Marie Claire.  

The Michael Costello brand, with its soft draping, celebrity clientele and sex appeal,  has secured it’s place in the fashion industry as one the decades most sought after brands.  His appreciation for feminine beauty allows his brand to make every woman feel like the goddess she deserves to be.

MICHAEL COSTELLO: Runway Video (Fall 2015)
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