After graduating from Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Ingrid worked under Indonesian-Australian designer Haryono Setiadi based in Sydney. She started her independent career as one of the Miss World Fashion Designers (2013). Afterwards, Ingrid then went on to establish her own ready-to-wear line. Her work has been acclaimed both nationally and globally; seen on the runway, on Miss World Contestants and on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival (2014).

Ingrid Husodo annually participates in one of the most prestigious fashion events in Indonesia - Jakarta Fashion Week.. She also takes part in several other national events such as Surabaya Fashion Parade and Semarang Fashion Festival.

Ingrid has also been invited to participate in the ASEAN YOUTH CREATIVE INDUSTRY FAIR, which showcases the most talented designers from the creative industries in ASEAN.

In a short amount of time, Ingrid Husodo has become well known in the Indonesian fashion circle, television and magazines, such as Highend, Femina, JawaPos Newspaper, Liputan6, Astro Awani, Fashion Channel Milano and The Wall Street Journal.

The Ingrid Husodo label is a favourite of famous actresses in Indonesia such as Raisa (singer), Ayu Dewi, Meisya Siregar, Patricia Gouw (ANTM runner up), Ayu Gani (ANTM Winner).

Ingrid Husodo intends to continue her career in the fashion industry, creating new and unique designs.

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