For the FW2015 Season FTL MODA present sophisticated lines and the most luxurious materials, with a futuristic vision and some real genius touches. FTL MODA has maintained the center of its interest on Made in Italy since its debut, in 2006, but its horizon kept widening to include the most creative sources of fashion talent. In the past three years the platform has grown with the presence of international designers projected towards the future of fashion, answering its innate target of presenting the evolution and the escalation of high-end fashion. Prêt-à-porter evolves towards innovative and practical couture, colors and richness in textiles join the triumph in accessory research and sophisticated materials.

For its presentation on February 15 at The Salon, FTL MODA put together a group show that enhances the escalation of sensations on the catwalk beginning with Cape Town based
designer Hendrik Vermeulen, who is deeply connected with Italy. Custom dyed double knit Italian wool, custom printed silks, and African antelope are just a few of the luxurious elements of the collection, entitled
Smoke and Mirrors that will come to life on the runway under his new Prêt-à- Porter label, Simply Vermeulen.

The marvel continues with Rozalia Bot, from Romania, unafraid of returning to romance in a modern key, exploiting the most elaborated embroidery on sober and delicate lines.

A white surrealistic theme will be the backdrop for Landi Accessories’ presentation, an impactful way to bring the latest trends in Made in Italy leather on stage.

It is then the turn of genius Antonio Urzi’ who lights up the catwalk in the most futuristic key, from top quality leather apparel prepared by young designer Cathias Edeline, to his worldwide renowned costumes and accessories, that have been designed already for Maison Armani and Versace and worn by celebrities such as Beyonce’, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Britney Spears and many others.

His special effects will prepare the audience for an innovative, rule-breaking runway for the finale show: FTL MODA LOVING YOU, in collaboration with Fondazione Vertical the most recognized Italian foundation supporting 4 research labs to find a cure for spinal cord injuries - and Models of Diversity in London - a 6 year old agency constantly engaged in training and preparing models from all over the world, to find their way through the most challenging talent selections rules. This final catwalk will be performed following the #MovingForward campaign launched on socials by FTL MODA and giving access to disabled models from Spain, Italy, UK, US, Romania, and Russia.

Model testimonials of the project are wonderful spokespersons Jack Eyers, just nominated Man of the Year for Men’s Health magazine, and beautiful top model Shaholly Ayers, wearing the mixed collection prepared by all designers part of FTL MODA main presentation and joined by top international maisons Gianni Tolentino, Luciano Barbera, Andrea Wild, Gattinoni and Antonio Grimaldi.

The backstage activity is mastered by International top Make-Up artist Einat Dan who is flying in from Berlin with her team of key artists and who will impress with her unique style and connection to designers vision.

The sum of FTL MODA and FTL MODA LOVING YOU results in an a breathtaking journey exploring the most innovative materials and trends in international fashion, with the most upscale Made in Italy at its core and a soul aiming at the revolution on the runway.

Founded in 2007 by Ilaria Niccolini Production, FTL Moda has been presenting runway shows internationally and has established itself within the Italian fashion community as a bridge for Proudly Made in Italy to showcase at an International level. FTL MODA has been recognized by the Italian government of the Region of Lombardy as the official platform to support Made in Italy in the world, and has obtained the Auspices and support of the City of Milan for this presentation which will work as a lead-in for the upcoming Milan Fashion Week, where FTLMODA LOVING YOU will appear as the closing event. 


Designers Showing this season:




Cathias Edeline for ANTONIO URZI'


Finale Show:











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