A.M. is an Australian contemporary Menswear label established in Sydney by two innovative Australian-Vietnamese fashion designers, Alexandra Nguyen and Mary Quach.

The juxtaposition of their personality and design philosophies combine to conceptualize structural silhouettes accentuated with bold detailing.

Directionally underpinned with subtle interpretations of architecture, diversity and integral Australian culture, filtered through our Western Sydney culture. Influenced by the integration of structural silhouettes and unconventionalism, Alexandra focuses on the concept of duality, striking a fine balance between nonconformity and wearability. Alluding to conversation through diversity and erraticism, she is heavily influenced by the contiguity of clean tailoring and alternative streetwear.

Reinforced by the general idea of Constructivism and Modernism, Mary’s inspirations exude creativity within experience, enveloping the connection between her surroundings and fashion. Her extensive knowledge of art combines with abstract elements to reinterpret the traditional

aesthetic, yet still preserving the functionality of design.

Collaboratively responding to an ever shifting industry, A.M. aims to bring variety to menswear within Australia, through the integration of soft-tailoring and influencer street styles

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